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The Gym Rules

We want to help everyone get fit, so we have a few rules to ensure that can happen:

Keep It Tidy

Always have a sweat towel with you and use it. Put your weights back where they belong after using them - remember, the floor is not a storage space. Let's keep our gym floor clear and safe for everyone.

No Entry For 30 Minutes Before We Close

To ensure our members safety the door entry system will be turned off 30 minutes before we close each day. If you're already in the gym you will still be able to leave by pressing the button on the door so please enjoy your workout!

Share Responsibly

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to your membership access. Don't share your membership details - you'll be on CCTV, and we'll know! Any breach of this rule may incur charges and possible suspension of your membership.

Dress To Work Out

We love that you look and feel great in our gym, but please remember to dress appropriately. Shirts on, no jeans, no flip-flops or dirty boots - proper gym wear is required. Trust us, you'll appreciate it when you're working out.

Good Vibes Only

We're a community here at the Hub. Be respectful to your fellow gym-goers, keep noise levels down and don't interrupt others' workouts.

Equipment Use

Not sure how to use a piece of equipment? No worries, just ask our friendly staff. If you damage any equipment through misuse, you'll need to cover the costs - gym equipment isn't cheap!

Keep it Fresh

Please remember to wash your gym kit regularly. We all appreciate a fresh workout environment.

Towel Time

Bring a towel and wipe down machines after use - nobody wants to share sweat!

Lock It Up

Secure your personal items in the locker provided and empty it before you leave. We can't be responsible for your belongings, and we don't offer long-term storage.

Food and Drinks

Please, no food or inappropriate drinks on the gym floor. Let's keep it clean and professional.

Treadmill Etiquette

Always reset treadmills to a stop and flat incline after use - we want to keep everyone safe and prevent any treadmill mishaps!

No Freelance PTs

Only officially affiliated personal trainers can provide paid services at our gym. They're insured, and they know our facilities inside out.

Report Any Issues

If you notice any equipment malfunctions, have an accident, or have concerns, please let our staff know immediately. If it's out of hours, use the emergency phones.

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